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Welcome to TerraMagnus! I’m retiring most of my other blogging efforts now and focusing on making this new site, TerraMagnus, something more audacious than I’ve ever done before.

My old blogs were often more like brain dumps of far-flung topics. It was hard to build an audience because I really wasn’t speaking to any one audience. And I wasn’t speaking consistently.

Going forward, the bulk of my blogging efforts will happen here. I’m focusing on bringing you into my own experiences. These experiences are ones that you could have, too. I’m even going to include a handy map with every post to help you find the kinds of places where you can have these experiences, too. These experiences are unfolding all over the world. Won’t you join me?

I’ll write about experiences close to home, in and around Raleigh, North Carolina.

But I’ll also write about experiences in destinations that I’ve traveled to, such as my road trip across Ireland, and my upcoming visit to Paris. I’m an avid photographer, too, so I’ll be breaking up the prose with my own original photos.

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