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We were planning on having Gene Kim come out tonight to give a talk to a packed room in Durham. Unfortunately, Gene has fallen ill and we’re off to “Plan B”. I’m putting together some slides now to deliver a DevOps 101 talk. Mark Mzyk, Nathan Walls, and myself will each be delivering a talk.

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  1. Sorry I missed the coffee klatch-up last night but I meant to ask you more about how business fits into the current conversations on DevOps that you highlighted in your presentation, in particular wrt some of the business theorists from Japan, etc. Any chance you’ve posted the slides online or would be willing to share them? – Valerie

    1. Hi Valerie,

      The slides are posted on the Triangle DevOps meetup site but they can be accessed directly [url=]here[/url]. Your other question could almost be answered with a Master’s thesis. 🙂 Gene Kim’s book “The Phoenix Project” takes a good first stab at illustrating how DevOps can reach beyond IT and into the non-technical parts of the business.

  2. Thanks–I should have thought to look at the Meetup site. Yes, TPP is where that first clicked for me, and I am interested in reading that thesis if you have it handy. 🙂

    1. I haven’t written it yet. 🙂 But Mark Burgess has written quite a bit on the academic side; I’m working through his latest entry now.

      That talk I did was put together in 3 hours when I heard that Gene Kim was sick. It didn’t really get to where I wanted to go with it; it spent more time presenting a lot of the existing business theory but barely at all got to the common denominators, and practical application.

      I’m also just starting a new job at Red Hat this week (yay!) which has some really impressive internal operations tooling, in terms of demonstrating raw UNIX savvy. But I’m seeing lots of opportunities already to introduce new ways of looking at problems, and I think the path I take there is going to heavily inform any *ahem* thesis work that comes out of the effort. 🙂

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