Tilting at Windmills1 min read

This is not my first blog, though it has been awhile since I maintained one. Some of my recent activities seemed to justify putting up an online presence with a little more room to write than Twitter can provide.

While my interests span rather a great variety of far flung pursuits, I can’t promise I’ll talk about them all here, or even most of them. I’m primarily interested in writing about some useful tech tips in areas that are, perhaps, not as well covered elsewhere. Though don’t be surprised if you see the odd piece here and there about photography or motorcycle road trips.

More immediately, I expect I’ll be writing about a subject that is not well covered: Joyent’s SmartOS and its cousins in the Illumos family, such as OpenIndiana.

I may also write about Arduino, Beaglebone, amateur radio, and other areas of interest in amateur electronics.