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This guy on Hargett St. in #downtown #Raleigh tried to pick a fight over my #streetphotography today.

Every now and then, a Ralwegian has reservations about my presence with the camera, and might confront me to ask why I am taking their photograph. When they ask politely, I’m more than happy to share with them my true purpose, and things de-escalate quickly.

Today, this fellow saw me coming while holding the camera down on my chest, without aiming it at him or anything, he immediately started giving me the middle finger and cussing at me. At that point, I raised my camera and took the photo and kept walking.

What ensued was a string of F-bombs and accusations of being a “f***ing pervert”. But this guy was extremely hostile, so I didn’t stop to chat. He had stood his ground, even turned around and took a step or two towards me to escalate hostilities, but like a happy Ralwegian I just kept walking away.

If you recognize him, perhaps you’ll show him the rest of my work so that he might reconsider his premature assessment of my motives. Moreover, I’d like to call him out for behavior unbecoming of a Ralwegian.

This imageĀ  is straight out of camera, no post processing, shot in B&W JPEG mode on my Ricoh GR.