Temporarily Unemployed2 min read

Yesterday was my last day at Red Hat. I wasn’t there for long. It was really very bittersweet to leave. I loved the company, I loved the corporate culture. But I felt the greatest constraint on my success there (and the success of the mission for which I was hired) was coming from above, and it was increasingly clear that this wasn’t going to improve. That’s all I really want to say about that. I don’t want to look in the rear view mirror, but rather ahead to better days.

So at least for the weekend, anyway, I’m a free agent. I’m just going to spend it with friends and family like any other weekend, really, but we’re all having great fun pointing out that technically I’m unemployed right now.

Monday is a new day. I’m starting at Bronto Software as Principal Engineer in the Systems Engineering group. After I’m settled in and have a better idea of what my day-to-day work is going to be like, I’ll talk about it some more.

My job search was conducted fairly quietly, and with a good bit of discrimination. Any shops that were too big were not seriously considered (I was looking for a high water mark of no more than 300 employees, ideally). Any shops that were based in out of town locations, with Raleigh as a remote location, had a lot of selling to do. Any shops that required relocation were not considered at all.

If I was told the title was “DevOps Engineer” or that I would be part of a “DevOps Team”, my enthusiasm for the position waned to near terminal levels. This was a sign to me that the shop in question wanted the DevOps buzzword without understanding what it means.

Early in the process, I had reached out to Bronto directly. There are myriad reasons for this. Bronto is extremely engaged in the local community, not only hosting many professional networking events month after month, but also sending small armies of associates out to perform community service acts in the surrounding area. The people who end up working there by and large end up staying there. And they all seem so darned happy to be there. They have been sharing of themselves to the local technical community, enough so that I’ve been known to mention them as “the Etsy of the Triangle”. 

The welcoming committee has been nothing short of mind blowing. Everything from emails to tweets to private messages on LinkedIn, from all corners of the business, all welcoming me to Bronto and anticipating my arrival. I’ve been in the business for 20 years now, and I’ve never experienced anything quite like this. It’s fair to say that I’m hoping my weekend of unemployment passes quickly, and that I’m really anticipating a wonderful start to my next chapter on Monday.