Some things are changing3 min read

I really love to write. And I really love to take photographs. But I haven’t applied much of either passion to the health and well-being of my blog here.

Part of what was getting me down is the overhead of WordPress itself. Managing WordPress can be like death by a thousand papercuts. There are so many plugins, each wanting some form of payment. And each increasing the potential attack footprint of my blog.

I’ve had one attacker successfully breach WordPress security, and I still can’t be sure if all of the damage he left behind has been cleaned up.

And there’s the question of… what should I focus on writing about? I have many far-flung interests, but polymath blogs tend to drown most visitors in an array of topics where they may only be interested in a fraction of what’s going on.

So there will be some changes…

  • I’m dialing back the social capabilities of the blog. BuddyPress is gone. Commenting may also disappear. This is out of respect of the number one rule of enjoying content online: “don’t read the comments”.
  • I’m narrowing the scope of what I’ll talk about here. I’m an oddball, and I like to travel. I don’t intend to appeal to mainstream travelers. I intend to appeal to other oddballs.
  • While I love photography, there are better blogs for digging into the gear reviews. I shouldn’t try to compete with those. I’m going to try to distance my content from gear discussions, and let the photos be enjoyed for their own value.

While I’ve got a day job, I also have some vacation time stored up. I expect to be making a number of short duration trips to destinations in easy reach of North American travelers. My next planned trip, for example, is to Toronto.

What do I want to get out of this blog?

  • I’d like to have some fun with a creative outlet that has a sense of direction.
  • I’d like to become a better writer and photographer.
  • I’d like to have more fun as a traveler. And I’d like you to, as well.
  • I’d like to make a few bucks on the side via referral sales of products that I enjoy and endorse, but without being driven by it. I already have a good job and make a decent income, so I feel like I can do this in a high-integrity manner.
  • I’d absolutely love to develop a relationship with some travel destinations that people like me don’t yet know well, but should, as a brand ambassador. I don’t need to make a bunch of money at this for it to work, but any prospective partners ought to at least help make it easy for me to be there regularly.

My Facebook account was shut off over a year ago. This blog will not have a Facebook presence. If you see any Facebook pages claiming to be affiliated with this blog, you’re being lied to. Though I am still active on Instagram via @TerraMagnus.

One thought on “Some things are changing3 min read

  1. WordPress is what you make of it. The base WordPress installation has only one plugin-in, Akismet. You could very easy accomplish basic blogging needs with Akismet and two other plugins, JetPack and Wordfence. Your WordPress was most likely hacked by someone discovering a weakness in one your plugins. Set WordPress to auto-update for the core software and any installed plug-ins. I’ve used WordPress for 15+ years and never had my website hacked.

    Photography is a passionate hobby for me. I share my images via my WordPress website. It’s how I reduce stress in my life. I photograph whatever I like. It’s my blog. I post reviews of gear I have used but only from the point of view of how it met my needs and my experience with the gear. I’m not competing with gear site. It’s my blog.

    I think you may need to ask yourself this question, “Why do you blog? What is the purpose of your website?”.

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