Radio Silence1 min read

Back in March, I accepted a position with Wireless Generation. I’m doing some great things that will help students to reach more of their full potential. I’m very proud of what I do, but I can’t exactly write about it.

This has also, more or less, deferred my work in Illumos. 

Know that I’ve not lost interest in blogging about techie things. It’s just that most of the techie things that I’m working on are potentially confidential, so I’ll have to stay mum on it.

If there is interest in some of the non-techie things that I’ve been doing, I’m happy to write some more on those things. For example, I’ve been doing some creative writing work lately on a typewriter. And not because it’s hip, but because it’s very practical for me.

I’ve also been making my own cologne lately. Yes, really.