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It’s been awhile since I’ve written. Some great developments have unfolded.


When I started this journey, my weight hovered around 315 pounds (give or take a little on any given day). Yesterday I finally weighed in under 240 pounds, taking me across the 75 pound threshold.

My children have never seen me this thin. I’m now down to the same weight I was at 2 or 3 years into my professional career, which is when I really started getting fat. I feel great. I’m not just leaner, but I’ve adopted a more active lifestyle. I’m walking a lot. I’m running a little. I’m using my Bowflex Max four times per week. I’m even doing a little kayaking or canoeing when the weather is nice. And I’m not done yet.

I don’t know what my target weight is. I’ll know it when I get there. I’m really just trying to get down to a healthy body fat level. Maybe 18 or 19% body fat by weight. But I’m still carrying a lot of body fat, so it’s easily going to be another 50 pounds or more. I’m betting I land within 5 pounds of 180, give or take.


Anyone who knows me knows that I like road trips. I like driving and exploring new places. This has really restricted my adventures mostly to the US east coast. I’ve been to a number of other states, too. I’ve taken plane travel, but I really don’t enjoy it.

Part of why I didn’t enjoy it is because the seat spaces are so small and I was so fat. I couldn’t get my big ass between the armrests without some force and friction. And people on either side of me had to suffer my arms in their space, because there was nowhere for me to put them in my own space. I wouldn’t want that for myself, and certainly don’t want that for anyone else, so I didn’t like to fly. And don’t even get me started on the invasive TSA bureaucracy.

But I’m a lot thinner now. I went to a movie last night (Rogue One!) and my elbows fit entirely inside the armrests. Putting my elbows on the armrests actually let me spread out a little. This is a new sensation.

Over the Christmas holiday, I applied for my first passport. It only took about 2 and half weeks to arrive. I’m set. Now all I have to do is fly. That’s happening this year.


You down with JCB?

I’m not really back in the sense of purposefully taking many photos, but I’m often carrying a camera now, and sometimes firing off a picture or two. My head is in a different place now, so I have to figure out what it is I want to say with the camera now. I’m not working with models anymore. And I’m not working in an area where street photography is a very interesting prospect. Travel photography may turn out to be the new direction of my work. We’ll see.

I’ve carried an Olympus XA and a Yashica T4 Super D a little bit, but haven’t been feeling that. I’m back to carrying my Ricoh GR most of the time, but I think it’s showing its age (and limitations). I’m strongly considering joining Team Fujifilm soon. I really dig their X series mirrorless cameras. But I’m deciding which way to go, and it’s hard without knowing where the muse is taking me next. I’ll be selling most of my Canon DSLR gear and probably most of my film gear, too. Simplifying. Starting over fresh.

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