Top 4 frustrating problems with “doing DevOps”

Learn the biggest barriers to DevOps and what you can do to overcome them. Doing DevOps” sounds so easy. You’ve read the books. You’ve gone to the conferences. You follow the right people on Twitter. But it’s taking so long. What’s going on? You’re not alone. DevOps transformation can be really hard. It can go the wrong way… More Top 4 frustrating problems with “doing DevOps”


Marcus from the Streets of Nuremberg blog (which is worth a follow, by the way) captured my attention this morning with his latest entry to a photo challenge that he’s participating in. It resonates strongly with a photo that I took yesterday in a French bistro in Raleigh.


How should I fill the empty spaces? – Pink Floyd We all have a cavity of potential inside of us waiting to be filled. Perhaps a measure of our character could be how we choose to fill this space.