OUT! Raleigh 2019

It was almost two years ago that I first came out in public. I am, and I have always been, bisexual. When I came out as autistic many years before, this had some impact on my professional life. I’d braced for the revelation of my queerness to exert a greater impact on my life, but… More OUT! Raleigh 2019

Human Connections Through Photography

(WARNING: NSFW nude image below the cut) I think I first picked up a real camera in 2007. My motivation, really, was to capture photos of my growing and adorable children. But it turned out that my kids hated having their photos taken. And fast forward to 2008, I find myself working with models.

The devil I know

I recently wrote of being done with WordPress, and how I was going to move the whole thing to another site. I did spend some time trying to do just that, but it was a deep rabbit hole that seemed to be endless. Perhaps it’s better to work with what I’ve got, warts and all,… More The devil I know