One human being, one blog.1 min read

I’ve been really quiet here again. There was definitely a lot of personal “inspect and adapt” activity going on. But also, I think I spread myself too thin.

The web, and social media in particular, don’t favor polymaths. Readers want writers to stick to a single subject. But I’m not a single subject kind of human. I’m all over the place. We may have conversations about IT, leadership, fountain pens, writing, canoeing, photography, motorcycles, travel, and more. I am all of those things in one.

So every time I tried splitting those facets of myself into different outlets, I became less and less effective at managing my presence on all of them. I was spinning too many plates.

My intent now is to narrow things down. One blog (this one), two photography outlets (Instagram and either 500px or Flickr). I have multiple Instagrams, which will also be consolidated.

Then, in an act that may be a bit like pissing into the wind, I’ll just focus my efforts in fewer places, but on any subject matter I choose. We’ll see how it goes from there.

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