Neil Gaiman writes books with fountain pens?1 min read

Yup. His tastes are a bit more expensive than my own, though both pens are fantastic and I’d write with either/both if I could stomach spending that much on a pen.

When he originally tweeted this, I was pretty pleased with his taste in pens. For myself, I’ve given some amount of thought to investing in a Pilot Vanishing Point, in large part because of the Extra Fine Nib that is available with it for long writing sessions in one of my notebooks. Most of my pens have medium or stub nibs, which can be a bit thick for my tastes if I’m writing long form (at which point I wish to write smaller).

The Lamy 2000 has been on my radar, but Lamy’s finest nib in this pen is still not very fine by Japanese standards. In the end, I’m likely to investigate finer nib options for my cheap Chinese pens and call it a day.

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