Meat Lover Takes the Impossible Whopper Challenge1 min read

Now look, I’m not a vegetarian. And I’m certainly not a vegan. There’s nothing wrong with people who choose that path, but it’s just not mine. Still, eating too much meat isn’t great for the human body. Believe me, I’ve got the gout to show for it. So I’m always kind of on the look out for great foods that can displace meat in my diet without leaving me feeling like I’m in any way missing anything.

Burger King has thrown the gauntlet down with their nationwide launch of the Impossible Whopper across the US market.

Did Burger King do something right with the Impossible Whopper? Let’s find out.

My social media feeds were buzzing with people talking about and debating the Impossible Whopper. One thing that was clear to me was that people largely weren’t even trying it yet. They were debating this product on the merits of how it was prepared, or how the standard condiments aren’t vegetarian, or other things.

Me? I wanted to do some hard science. So I went to Burger King, I ordered an all-beef Whopper and an Impossible Whopper and put them to the test.

Watch my video to see how the Impossible Whopper fared against its bovine predecessor.