I’m not tired of blogging; I’m tired of WordPress1 min read

It’s been a long time since I’ve written here. It’s not for lack of things to write about; it’s just that WordPress is such a cluttered, overly complicated mess that it’s sucked the joy out of writing.Even as I write this now, I’m having to close a bunch of spammy banners at the top of the page produced by plugins installed just to get basic functionality out of this site. I can’t help but feel like this blog site isn’t working for you, or for me, but for someone else fishing for more money.

My intention is to move this site one more time to something entirely open source and simpler in nature. The domain name will change, mostly to reflect that I want to write about more than just travel. I haven’t built a huge audience here so this shouldn’t be too disruptive. Chalk this one up as a botched first attempt at running my own blog site outside of the wordpress.com ecosystem.