I can quit any time I want to1 min read

This single tweet has been my undoing.

Both pens have been on my radar for years, and because of the costs involved I’ve never really risked buying either one.

Now I have both.

And sure enough, both of them have been exquisite. They are my two favorite pens now out of what must be over two dozen (admittedly far less expensive fountain pens).

Both are going with me to my top secret writing location to work on “Two Seconds of Your Time”. I’ve been breaking them in and they are definitely up to the task.

Also, I’ve started reading Anansi Boys. Thanks again, Neil.

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  1. I’ve got a data center in my basement, and I keep telling myself the same thing, “I can quit any time I want.” Let’s be honest, neither of us are quitting any time soon. I’m now purchasing my first fountain pen. I do hope it does not become an addiction. I always take hand written notes and people question me. With us doing the job we do, they don’t understand why I’m not plugged into a computer all the time. I believe being plugged in all the time actually aggravates my learning disabilities. I focus better when I write by hand, and I retain more. Best of luck with your new fountain pens. I’ll let you know about my experience as well.

    1. I’ve been mostly playing in the shallow end of the pen pool, with my purchases almost all coming in well below $50. Most over the last year have been under $10. In the last month I picked up a TWSBI Vac 700, Pilot Custom 823, and a Lamy 2000. I’m not crazy about the TWSBI to be honest, but the other two have taken up the slack and then some. Now I’m really in trouble.

      Especially with my new boss being a bigger fountain pen nerd than I am.

      What are your favorite pens so far?

    1. That’s on my to-read list. I’d heard Anansi Boys was a more approachable way to start. My reading time is actually really short right now, though, because I’m in a creative craze… jotting down notes, pulling on threads. I’m somewhat likely to abort this reading attempt and start it over when I’m done writing this manuscript and can give it my unimpeded attention.

      1. Very good to know. My Gaiman experience is limited. He’d been on my radar for years, but I’ve only finished Trigger Warning (which I loved). My reading habits are… eccentric. I’ll start and read 3 or more books in parallel, forget about one that I started, start 2 more, etc. Somewhere in there I’ve got Neverwhere, and I’ll have to start over on reading it because it’s been so long.

  2. I have nominated you for the 3 quotes in 3 days challenge. Your Neil Gainman quotes are what drew me to the first post. Should you chose to accept write 3 posts with quotes over 3 days. Nominate 3 other bloggers each day. Good luck.

  3. Hey guys since you are fountain pen-ers if you are on facebook. Check out a new group called Innovative Journaling. It’s for journal people and fountain pen people. I have a post with the link on my blog. Cheers, james

      1. Will do. I took your advice and found a pen seller on ebay. I received three medium nib hero lights on Monday. They are the bladder type so I have to find an ink supplier. Any suggestions on ink?

        1. Hero Blue or Hero Blue-Black ink from BangGood.com. DO NOT mess around with their Carbon Black if you’re a fountain pen noobie; it’s considered a “high maintenance” ink. It won’t wreck your pen, but it might give you the impression that it has.

          If you’re in more of a rush, it’s hard to go wrong with Noodler’s Black (Bulletproof) as a perfect all-around ink, and you’re going to get it eventually anyway (we all do), so might as well get on that early. 😉

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