How many bags for business travel?2 min read

You have to go away for a week on business. Do you check any luggage? Bring a carry-on? A personal item? For many male travelers, especially in tech, I see some combination of the ubiquitous Swiss Gear backpack at airports plus separate luggage.

But bags are emerging now that do a really good job of combining space for clothes with space for work-related gear. And they qualify as a carry-on.

Osprey Farpoint 40L next to Swiss Gear commuter bag
Osprey Farpoint 40L next to Swiss Gear commuter bag at MSP airport.

I’ve been traveling this year with an Osprey Farpoint 40L bag. It’s got plenty of space for traveling for a week to someplace cold like Minneapolis in late November. But it’s also got plenty of space in a separate area for my laptop and other electronics. Osprey also makes a very similar backpack, but optimized for women’s bodies, called the Fairview.

At this size, it fits pretty easily in the overhead compartment (but not in the “personal item” space below the seat). They cinch down really well with compression straps, which double as protection against would-be thieves furtively standing behind you and helping themselves to the content of your bag without getting your attention.

In fact, I find myself with room to spare. I’m looking into even smaller bags for the 2019 travel season.

Do you travel with just one bag? Tell us in the comments below about what bag you prefer, and why.

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