how do you take the photos?1 min read

I am using a camera with a very wide-angle lens, which helps to give you a feeling like you’re right there with someone rather than being a voyeur from afar. This means that when I take someone’s photograph, I am usually close enough for them to reach out and touch.

I continue to practice and develop creative ways to get the image that I want without having the benefit of holding the camera up to my face and seeing the viewfinder. A lot of this involves anticipation of where people will be when our paths converge, and what sort of background will be behind them. If there are multiple people, I further try to anticipate when the right moment will come around in the dynamic between them.

This all happens while I’m moving, while I’m walking. I don’t hide the camera. I just de-emphasize its presence. I don’t slow down or stop. I take the photo and keep walking. Sometimes if I know the photo is going to be particularly good, I’ll stop and offer a business card and explain a little of what just happened. I’ve tried doing this while standing still and it’s just not the same. The city is full of movement. When I stop to take a photograph, the resulting image feels less honest to me. So, I keep moving.

Thanks for your question!