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It’s been 60 days since my body started responding to changes in my fitness strategy, and in those 60 days I’ve lost 24 pounds of mass, gone down two shirt sizes, and gained some strength.

In mid-August, I’d started using my Bowflex Max M3 trainer to start dramatically improving my cardiovascular fitness. And to that end, it worked well. But it also started reinvigorating the muscles in my body. It did this so much so that I actually¬†gained weight when I first started using the Bowflex. If you experience this first week weight gain, stay with it; that cliff you see at the beginning of the banner image is where the Bowflex-inspired weight loss kicked in.

All along the way, I took a very DevOps approach to my fitness. I’d measure, observe, form a hypothesis, and risk failure for the sake of improvement.

The last time I wrote, I was still using the Streaks app for managing my fitness routine. I’ve changed things around a little since then.

Streaks is now used to remind me to record my weight, my blood pressure, and to spend some time reading a book every day.

I’ve begun using MyFitnessPal to record everything I put in my digestive system, right down to a cup of coffee or a glass of water. After doing this for a week and realizing I wanted to get a bit more into the numbers in a way that the free app wouldn’t provide, I weighed my options and sprang for the $50/yr “MVP” level service, which unlocks the features I was after.

One of the features I was after was to have a quick dashboard showing my macronutrient targets and my calorie target, with progress toward each. Early on this fitness path I’d listened to too many people who said “carbs are bad, m’kay?” and ended up suffering a bit of an energy crash when my running got really underway. MyFitnessPal is helping me to realize just how much my diet has to change, and in a healthy way, to get in all of the carbs that I need to feel strong all day. It’s helping me to find that balance until I build the habits to eat this way more intuitively.

I also started running a few weeks ago, and now I’m running four times a week. I’m using MapMyRun for this, and once again I’m shelling out for the premium tier. I’m getting a lot of value out of this for coaching me on my outdoor exercises.

What didn’t work?

  • UA Record – This app held out promise as a nice dashboard to unify the workout and nutritional data, along with sleep data, in one place. But it wouldn’t import sleep data from where I was already storing it (Sleep++ and Apple Health). And it had some horrible caching issues where the data on the dashboard, more often than not, was wrong. The Apple Watch complication didn’t even try to sync up with MyFitnessPal for nutritional data. It had to go.
  • Apple Reminders app. I was using Reminders to help remind me what days were running days. It turned out to be redundant. MapMyRun is now reminding me, and giving me a little more data like what kind of run is planned for the day.

Special mention:

  • Cookie and Kate recipes ¬†are fueling most of my dinners now. They are absolutely delicious and make great use of whole food products.
  • Oh She Glows fuels the rest of my dinners. Yes, my dinners tend to be vegetarian. I am not a vegetarian. I just eat a lot less meat than I used to.
  • Apple Watch is still fantastic. Note that the watch band has to be set pretty tight for the heart rate data to get recorded. It’s about a notch tighter than I’d like it to be.

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  1. Good for you! I am diving into the application world for fitness and have had liked the fitbit app to track workouts, diet and water intake. I do not have the watch otherwise I would be tracking sleep in it as well.

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