Falling out of love with Fujifilm1 min read

Not long ago, Fujirumors broke the news that the upcoming Fujifilm X100V, the successor to the outstanding X100F, would not have a D-pad. I use the D-pad quite a lot in my photography, so this news troubled me.

Moreover, I’d already tried another Fuji X body without the D-pad: the X-Pro3. I was among the first to pre-order this camera, and while it does take outstanding photographs, I’m having a hard time adjusting to a professional level camera that doesn’t seem to have enough controls with which I can compose images without traversing menus. In fact, I plan to sell my X-Pro3.

Fuji’s design language has changed in recent years. I found the X-T2 and X-100F to be outstanding cameras. But they are moving in a direction that I’m having a hard time feeling comfortable following. I’ll likely keep using my X100F and X-T2 for awhile, and all of my Fuji lenses. But at some point I’m going to have to choose another platform and reinvest there.

I’ve got an old Sony a7 II and a bunch of vintage lenses that don’t get enough love. Maybe that’s what’s next for me.