Enter the Geezer1 min read

I had a pretty interesting childhood. My mother was from a very frugal working class family. Her’s was a big family with lots of brothers and sisters. Her father was a blue collar worker, and her mother stayed at home to raise the kids. I remember my grandfather on that side of the family being of notoriously cheap scruples. Hardly a week would go by that he wasn’t proud of something he’d salvaged from the side of the road.

My father’s family was very different. My old man was an only child, and his parents were successful entrepreneurs. They were made. Their monstrous house with the in-ground pool stood testimony to that. They wanted the finer things in life, and when things got difficult, they figured out how to maintain the appearance of enjoying the finer things in life.

What does one do when they want to enjoy the good shit while also being financially responsible? Believe it or not, great values are out there to be had. You, too, can enjoy the good shit without breaking the bank.

I started this blog to focus on how to enjoy fountain pens on the cheap. Fountain pens are one of those things that either you’re not into it at all, or you’re way too into it. The enthusiasts from the latter camp will often think nothing of spending $100 or more (much more) on a writing tool. Let’s set a limit here: we will spend no more than $25 on a single fountain pen. From here on out, we’ll call this Rule 25.

There’s a pretty good chance we’ll branch out from fountain pens at some point, but that seems like a great place to start.