Cavity2 min read

bearded caucasian man in the snow breathing fire

How should I fill the empty spaces? – Pink Floyd

We all have a cavity of potential inside of us waiting to be filled. Perhaps a measure of our character could be how we choose to fill this space.

The world is an unjust place. We’re born into it with privilege or poverty, with a leg up or with a boot on our neck. But there is one thing we are all given in equal abundance: time. Time is the thing that you and I and Warren Buffet and Donald Trump all have in equal abundance. I’m choosing to use a portion of mine right now to reflect on this with you. Perhaps Mr. Trump is using his to play golf again. And since you’re still with me, I see you’re sharing a little of your precious time with me. Thank you.

We all sleep. Some more than others. But for most of us, this consumes 25 to 33% of the daily budget. We spend some of the rest on basic hygiene (hopefully), on consuming food. Maybe most of the rest is spent on a vocation to make some money with which to support yourself. Most of us are in the same boat. But what about the rest?

Are you using it to watch television? To spend time with friends? To read a book? Catch up with blogs? Social media?

I’ll tell you how I arrived at this point: I’m not happy with how most of my time gets spent. I’m choosing to take some of my time every day and, in some small way, to be the kind of photographer and the kind of writer I’d rather be. I want to incite in you a curiosity for people and places. I want to stir in you a wanderlust. And, in between adventures, maybe offer catalysts for personal improvement. I’m spending fifteen minutes during my lunch break to write this. Because it’s important to me, I found the time. I probably would have spent this time checking Facebook.

What kinds of things are you spending time on today that are less important to you than the things you’d rather be doing with that time? Do you think you can make a commitment today to spend more of your time doing the things you wish you could do with your life? Maybe today is the day you do something to learn a new skill, or volunteer some form of service, or just do something else that is more meaningful for you.