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Human Connections Through Photography

(WARNING: NSFW nude image below the cut) I think I first picked up a real camera in 2007. My motivation, really, was to capture photos of my growing and adorable children. But it turned out that my kids hated having their photos taken. And fast forward to 2008, I find myself working with models.


The devil I know

I recently wrote of being done with WordPress, and how I was going to move the whole thing to another site. I did spend some time trying to do just that, but it was a deep rabbit hole that seemed to be endless. Perhaps it’s better to work with what I’ve got, warts and all, …


I’m not tired of blogging; I’m tired of WordPress

It’s been a long time since I’ve written here. It’s not for lack of things to write about; it’s just that WordPress is such a cluttered, overly complicated mess that it’s sucked the joy out of writing.

bearded caucasian man in the snow breathing fire


How should I fill the empty spaces? – Pink Floyd We all have a cavity of potential inside of us waiting to be filled. Perhaps a measure of our character could be how we choose to fill this space.



Welcome to TerraMagnus! I’m retiring most of my other blogging efforts now and focusing on making this new site, TerraMagnus, something more audacious than I’ve ever done before.