Top 4 frustrating problems with “doing DevOps”

Learn the biggest barriers to DevOps and what you can do to overcome them. Doing DevOps” sounds so easy. You’ve read the books. You’ve gone to the conferences. You follow the right people on Twitter. But it’s taking so long. What’s going on? You’re not alone. DevOps transformation can be really hard. It can go the wrong way… More Top 4 frustrating problems with “doing DevOps”

My Mind is at the Beech

I’ve had a pretty incredible life so far. I’ve enjoyed success as a family man. I’m entirely self-made (twice over). I’ve worked pseudonymously in Hollywood, in the art world, and as a published journalist. I’ve eve worked professionally as a night club bouncer. And I was, for a time, patched into a traditional motorcycle club.… More My Mind is at the Beech

fitness update

It’s been 60 days since my body started responding to changes in my fitness strategy, and in those 60 days I’ve lost 24 pounds of mass, gone down two shirt sizes, and gained some strength.

getting fit like a nerd

Most of my adult life, since I took up my first full-time IT job in 1994 and sat behind a desk, I’ve watched my waistline grow and my health decline. I’ve tried a few things to fix this, but I think I’m on to something… that people have been saying for years. But like a… More getting fit like a nerd