Birthday book recommendations27 min read

My birthday passed recently. And while many are happy to give or receive the customary “happy birthday” greetings, I’ve never seen much use in them. So I tried to head it off on Twitter with a specific request: instead of saying “happy birthday”, suggest a good non-fiction book to me instead. I expected maybe a few poignant book suggestions and not much else.

What came next blew my mind.

The responses came in here and there at first, and there were some great suggestions in there. I tried keeping up in near real-time to vet out these suggestions and then add them to my reading list if they looked interesting.

But soon I was unable to keep up. Once things take off on social media, they can quickly overwhelm. Soon, people that I have no Twitter relationship with were jumping in and adding their own thoughtful contributions.

There were easily over sixty specific book recommendations. I did omit a few, either because they were too hard to source in 2019, or because they were works of fiction. Where possible, I try to link to an eBook. But most of these links offer alternative versions on paper in case that’s your preference. But really there’s no way to offer such a huge list without just going into it.

I tried to group books together into affinity groups. If you don’t like what you see, scroll down a bit and you’ll get into different groupings.

This collection spans many interests, from a great number of people. You’ll see books here on everything from autism to true crime, business to social activism, natural history to Native American history. The range is quite profound. This will take you some time to explore.

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