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I’ve been working on a bucket list item for 8 months now: “grow a year beard”.

What’s a year beard? That’s simple: a year beard (or yeard) is a beard that is allowed to grow, untrimmed, for a full year. Some might say I cheat, though, because I do keep my mustache trimmed.

The beard is at 8 months now. The texture of my beard hair is rather fine and straight, so the downside is that it’s not all that dense. On the upside, the length isn’t too bad for an 8 month old beard. I’m now occasionally putting some braids in it, releasing my inner Viking and whatnot.

If you’re looking for some more beard inspiration, I found this fellow who is on a mission to just let it grow and discover his terminal length (the length at which his facial hair simply stops growing). His blog is pretty entertaining and the whimsical selfies alone make it worth the visit.

In related news, I’ve taken a new job.

If you didn’t get the clue, I’ve joined the SysEng team at Bronto as Principal Engineer. I start on March 17. From Doug’s tweet I’ve shared here, you might correctly guess that quite a few beards happily call Bronto home. I’m excited to join the hairem. (See what I did there?)