It’s good to see other people out there are reading this blog and trying SmartOS for themselves with some success. I’ve been talking to some of the fine folks at Joyent to start contributing back to this project. Some of the framework of a more mature project just isn’t there yet, but things are coming… More Update

Thank you.

I started this blog less than a week ago, and I wrote a niche article about SmartOS that I expected to get a few dozen views on over a period of days or weeks. It’s been a little over a full day, and I definitely got a lot more eyes on it than I was expecting.… More Thank you.

Discovering SmartOS

I’d like to talk a little bit more about Joyent’s SmartOS. It seems to me that a lot of my peers haven’t yet heard about it, or don’t really understand it much at all. The documentation isn’t really there yet, so I think that it is a little hard to get the right first impression if you’re coming into it with no Solaris background.… More Discovering SmartOS

My Personal Hackerspace

The hackerspace movement is one of the neatest developments in modern western society. Places are set aside for people to simple experiment, tinker, create. Often this is done collaboratively. I don’t presently belong to one of these group hackerspaces. The nearest one to me is TechShop RDU, which last time I checked costs about $100… More My Personal Hackerspace