Update1 min read

It’s good to see other people out there are reading this blog and trying SmartOS for themselves with some success.

I’ve been talking to some of the fine folks at Joyent to start contributing back to this project. Some of the framework of a more mature project just isn’t there yet, but things are coming together. I filed my paperwork with them to join the project, and right now I’m trying to work out how to get more involved in packaging.

On a completely unrelated note, I spent part of today sorting through my collection of electronic components and organizing them into Plano storage boxes. I apparently underestimated how many of these boxes I would need, so I’ll probably go back to the hardware store tonight or tomorrow morning to get some more. It’s working out nicely, because the boxes are clear so I can see what’s in each bin of each box without having to open it. I used my old labeler to clearly label the value of each component bin.

I’d like to build a workbench out in the hackerspace (dubbed The Imaginarium, by the way) but I still haven’t had a city inspector out to perform the final inspection, which is necessary before I start making good use of the space.